X-RAY Inspection systems.

We are a manufacturer of foreign body inspection system with original development know-how. We develop inspection systems which proud of the world’s top level accuracy and deliver safety and security to customers.

Our European division.

In our modern times, we rely on technology to create a safe world. Today is tomorrow, and those who fail to keep up, will become yesterdays news.

We at System Square continue to grow and develop – and at the same time we keep our sights on the essentials. By mastering technology, we help our customers on the path to sure and profitable success

If you want success in the European market, you need expert council, and partners who help solve your problems before they overpower you.

Partnering with the best.

In order for us to provide the best end-to-end solutions, we need partners who deliver the best service possible. That’s why our service-provider in Europe is Scanvaegt. Through Scanvaegt, we have access to an experienced a highly qualified team of technical specialists available for rapid problem-solving, throughout Europe.

This is how we create lasting, valuable and successful business relationships in food safety.

Our X-ray series

Innovation. Precision.

The modern world is changing all the time. Every day we come closer together. And sophisticated technology continually creates the bases for our quality of life. We know that standards and expectations for food manufactures in particular are getting tougher all the time. That is why we as specialists in the sector offer X-ray control systems geared to today´s high food standards.

The foreign body check with X-ray creates optimum quality control for your product. With our unique technology, you can be sure your products come off your line in perfect condition.

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Why work with us?

With a sure eye

System Square the latest in Xray technology enables you to identify a wide range of foreign bodies in almost all foods.

An absolute innovation

Now it is even possible to easily spot foreign bodies in aluminum-packed products and at the same time seal-detect to be able to check for leakers.


Large differences in temperature do not influence the measuring results at all. Moreover, products and packaging can be checked for completeness and damage in the same proves.

A sensitive touch

Products are reliable tested for contaminates with a high degree of measurement sensitivity. All our machines are easy to clean and require extremely little maintenance. Each machine can store up to 100 products.

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Peter Dohlmann
Director European Operations
Phone +45 29 25 85 56
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